Hats are generally used for sun protection, but there are a few that are really designed for travel. For children’s travel hats, it needs to be noted the difference between the two.

Here are some factors that you need to consider when purchasing a great travel hat for your child that will determine whether or not a hat will be suitable for all kinds of adventures, and if you choose it well, it will most likely accompany with your child throughout his or her growth.

Adjustable Chin Rope

It is never good news when a hat falls into the water. However, the adjustable chin string can do more than just help keep the hat on your kids’ head. It also helps the hat stay with your kid, even if he/she decides to remove it mid-activity. The bucket hat comes with a string or strap that helps the hat stay secured on your kids’ head.

Wide Brim

Creative children like running around on the beaches. So don’t choose a baseball cap with long brim that only covers their head and part of their face. Here I would like to recommend a bucket hat uk. It is divided into wide brims and narrow brims. Wide-brimmed hat is very suitable for kids playing on the beach, while narrow-brimmed bucket hats suit for shopping or traveling. It can protect their face, ears and even the neck from the sun.

Moisture-wicking Headband

You’ll notice that unlike your own travel hat, your child’s hat comes with a sweat-absorbing headband, so don’t overlook this important feature when choosing a hat for your child. Hats with this sweatband can keep your child comfortable in hot climates or on hikes.

UV Protection

A good hat also helps protect your child’s eyes from cataracts and their skin against melanoma (the most common cancer in the world), aging and damage, so be sure to look for a good UPF and SPF rating. UPF is determined by the fabric of the hat, which measures the amount of UV radiation that can reach the skin.


Materials which have good breathability can keep kids’ head cool and make them comfortable to wear it. Breathable materials like cotton or cotton blends are good, as well as polyester. They are comfortable enough to be worn all day long, and you can usually find them in many kinds of hats. They are lightweight, foldable or crushable that making them easy to be packed.


Light colors reflect ultraviolet rays. Therefore, a nice white, cream or beige and other light natural colors, such as a light olive, grey or tan is a good choice. Light colors provide the best protection. Of course, there’s always room to add some other colors for the style but the main color should be light. Dark colors heat faster, absorb more UV rays and also make their head very hot, which can give them headaches.

Therefore, investing in your child’s travel hat will get the best value. Since kids’ skin is so delicate that are easy to get sunburned even if they stay for a while in the sun.