Many of us reached the destination and we suddenly realized we left something important at home or found ourselves lugging tons of extra items we didn’t need? Some clothes have been overstuffed our suitcase as much as possible that they get wrinkles. Here is a guide offers packing tips and tricks for just about every travel challenge.

Start your packing list several days before your trips so you have enough time to prepare anything you’ll need. Of course, your trip is different, so consider saving multiple versions of the list for different types of travel (beach, ski, camp…). It is best to print your package list and stuff it into your suitcase before leaving. In this way, at the end of the trip, you can use it to check that everything your packing gear is complete. Put several different sizes of plastic bags into the suitcase. Larger bags can store dirty clothes or wet shoes, and smaller ones can protect your phone or camera when it rains. Take a photo of the registered luggage and its contents. If you have lost items in transit, you can show the airline the picture of the bag and provide a list of items for reimbursement. 

I believe that many people like to go shopping, so that can put a rollable bag in a suitcase in advance. On the way home, you can put dirty clothes in the suitcase and leave room for some souvenirs in the suitcase. Make sure everything safely removed from the tote bag, such as laptop, tablet, liquid/gel bag are placed in an easy-to-access location.   

Place your luggage tag on your carry-on baggage to prevent the airline from forcing you to check it at the boarding gate. Make sure that all the essential items you don’t want to check (such as prescription drugs or expensive cameras) are near the top of your carry-on baggage so you can quickly transfer them to your personal items if necessary. The compression bag squeezes out excess air to help you fit your suitcase.

For women, they would like to bring a lot of clothes, including beautiful dresses, skirts, swimsuits, hats and more. Then how to pack them in order is a difficult thing for them. Actually, you can bring some essential clothes that you would definitely wear them during travel. For example, if you have plan to go to the beach, you can prepare some beach wear, like swimsuits, bikinis, sun hats and other things that you may need on the beach. Hats are not easy to be packed into your luggage. Therefore, you can choose a sun hat which is packable and foldable so that you can easily pack it into your luggage without damage it. A bucket hat is a good option for your travel packing gear. It features with a floppy brim that can be flipped down and up, so if you want to put it into your luggage, you can fold its brim.   

Above all are some tips that I wish it can help you for your next travel.