It’s never a bad idea to put a hat on your kids for extra protection layer of sun protection, especially if they spend for a long time in playing outdoors activities in the summer, or to apply good sunscreen on their skin. Besides, you want to protect your baby’s chubby cheeks and often-hairless scalp. With sunny outdoors adventures just around the corner, your child will need a good sun hat. The style of bucket hats gives your kids an excellent protection from the sun and the rain.

Baby sun hats have a lot in common with toddler sun hats, which means that they are designed to protect children from the sun while also looking cute. Sun protection is still a priority for kids, but you should also consider the look of the hat, figure out the styles and materials of the hat so that you can choose the best and most suitable bucket hat for your kids. The key to finding the perfect bucket hat is to pay attention to a few specific features. You can judge which the best bucket hat is for your kids by paying attention to all they have to offer.

Adjustment drawstring:

Some bucket hats have a drawstring that may be tied under your babies’ chin or behind their head. This adjustment string will keep the hat from blowing away in strong winds. This feature is especially useful for people who wear hats in particularly windy or rainy conditions.

Added protection:

Sometimes you want the bucket hat not just to do shade your kids’face, but to be a fashion accessory for your kids’outfit. So you need to consider how to match it with their clothes which will make them look cute and pretty.

Choosing a ventilated bucket hat that provides your kids with a way to cool down their head and dry any sweat without having to remove their hat. The bucket hat with mesh holes not only helps your kids stay comfortable, but it also protects the kids from overheating.

Washable &Packable

Bucket hats for babies and kids are easier getting dirty because they tend to sweat a lot if they spend too much time outdoors, so mothers need to wash the hat in time. The bucket hat can be hand-washed or machine-washed, and if they’re machine-washable, that’s an extra bonus points for saving you time and energy. When your kids do not want to wear the hat or they are in the room, a packable bucket hat is easily to be folded and placed in your bag.

UPF sun protection:

Not all types of hats will protect your baby from all sunburns. Hats do offer a barrier from the sun, but normal materials don’t block all the sun’s rays. Children may be exposed to the hot sun for a long time and their skin is delicate to get sunburned. They had better wear a hat with a high UPF for they spend too much time outdoors.

Wide brim:

The wider the better! Choosing a bucket hat with wide, long and large brim can protect your kids’sensitive face, ears and neck for all-around protection while without blocking your kids’vision.