Best Packing Tips for Travel

Many of us reached the destination and we suddenly realized we left something important at home or found ourselves lugging tons of extra items we didn’t need? Some clothes have been overstuffed our suitcase as much as possible that they get wrinkles. Here is a guide offers packing tips and tricks for just about every travel challenge.

Start your packing list several days before your trips so you have enough time to prepare anything you’ll need. Of course, your trip is different, so consider saving multiple versions of the list for different types of travel (beach, ski, camp…). It is best to print your package list and stuff it into your suitcase before leaving. In this way, at the end of the trip, you can use it to check that everything your packing gear is complete. Put several different sizes of plastic bags into the suitcase. Larger bags can store dirty clothes or wet shoes, and smaller ones can protect your phone or camera when it rains. Take a photo of the registered luggage and its contents. If you have lost items in transit, you can show the airline the picture of the bag and provide a list of items for reimbursement. 

I believe that many people like to go shopping, so that can put a rollable bag in a suitcase in advance. On the way home, you can put dirty clothes in the suitcase and leave room for some souvenirs in the suitcase. Make sure everything safely removed from the tote bag, such as laptop, tablet, liquid/gel bag are placed in an easy-to-access location.   

Place your luggage tag on your carry-on baggage to prevent the airline from forcing you to check it at the boarding gate. Make sure that all the essential items you don’t want to check (such as prescription drugs or expensive cameras) are near the top of your carry-on baggage so you can quickly transfer them to your personal items if necessary. The compression bag squeezes out excess air to help you fit your suitcase.

For women, they would like to bring a lot of clothes, including beautiful dresses, skirts, swimsuits, hats and more. Then how to pack them in order is a difficult thing for them. Actually, you can bring some essential clothes that you would definitely wear them during travel. For example, if you have plan to go to the beach, you can prepare some beach wear, like swimsuits, bikinis, sun hats and other things that you may need on the beach. Hats are not easy to be packed into your luggage. Therefore, you can choose a sun hat which is packable and foldable so that you can easily pack it into your luggage without damage it. A bucket hat is a good option for your travel packing gear. It features with a floppy brim that can be flipped down and up, so if you want to put it into your luggage, you can fold its brim.   

Above all are some tips that I wish it can help you for your next travel.     

Best Hats for Playing Golf

Hats aren’t just for looking cool. Wearing a golf hat is a simple and effective way to keep you cool on a hot summer day when you’re playing golf. A golf hat will protect your head, face and eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Wear a hat to keep your mind on the ball when you tee off or putt, or line up a putt. If you have noticed, almost all professional golfers wear hats when they play golf. If you want to look like a pro, you should wear a golf hat. To further protect your eyes, you can wear a pair of the best sunglasses to match your hat.

Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is one of the most popular hats for golfers. It is made of 100% polyester that makes it durable and well ventilated. It has an excellent adjustable strap to make sure it fits perfectly for your head. The multi-textured performance moisture wicking fabric will keep you cool and prevent your head from getting soaked in sweat. As an added bonus, the dark under brim helps reduce the glare from the sun and helps you to aim at the golf hole. This is one of the best golf caps for UV protection, and the fabric has a rating UPF protection of 50+, which means it can block more than 97.5% of UV radiation.  

Ivy Cap

The ivy cap creates the classic golfer look. This professionally made golf cap is made of high quality material and it is ideal for playing golf. The ivy cap will fit perfectly on your head and make you feel comfortable when you’re playing in cooler weather. The downside is that it doesn’t offer much sun protection for you, waterproof or other high-tech features of the modern style caps. However, if you prefer the classic look, this hat is definitely one of the best golf hats for you. This hat features plaid which adds a stylish vibe to its look.

Bucket Hat

The hat is made of waterproof material that keeps your head warm and dry even on a rainy day. It comes in a clean and simple black that makes it look great and it can match almost any outfit. If you don’t like the basic look of a baseball cap, this bucket hat for men is a good choice. It’s made of 100% polyester, which is breathable and durable. The hat is lightweight and comfortable for you to wear. The most striking thing of this hat is that it has a UPF rating of 50+, meaning it gives you the maximum protection.

Straw Hat

This straw hat uses a lightweight straw material with a ventilated top to keep your head cool and comfortable in the sun. It comes with a 360-degree brim that will help protect your face and eyes, as well as the back of your neck. This hat fits for most people because it has an elastic band that will stretch to your head, but it may not be suitable for people with very small heads. This hat is definitely eye-catching, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, then give it a try. Remember not to wear it in the rain, because straw will get wet easily.

How to Pick the Best Sun Hat for Protection?

A great sun hat is the best way to protect your face, nose, head, neck and ears from the sun and its harmful UV rays. As we all know, the skin is thinner and delicate in those areas so it is especially important to protect yourself with a sun hat. A great sun hat is not only playing a role in keeping out of rays from your face and head, but also being a complement for your outfits. There are a variety of sun hats for protection, such as bucket hats, straw hats, fedora, floppy hats and more, which are available for you to choose from. Also, you need to consider some essential factors when choosing the best sun hat. The following are some factors that you have to think about to ensure you choice is the best.

UPF Rating

I’m sure you’re familiar with SPF, which is the sun protective rating of the sunscreen. UPF is the sun protection rating for clothing and fabrics. Not all fabrics have the same effect of sun protection, so it’s important to choose a specialist sun-protective hat. The higher the UPF rating, the better of sun protection effect is. So a good sun-protective hat with at least UPF50+ rating provides the best shade, because it uses the high quality fabric with an excellent UPF50+ rating. It gives you maximum protection.

Brim Length

The length of the brim is an important factor in determining how much protection you get. It is recommended that the brim to be at least 3 inches long. The wider the brim, the more area covered and more protection you will receive.


Some sun hats are specifically designed to protect the skin better than others. Wide-brimmed sun hats, bucket hats, and straw hats are recommended because they all provide good sun protection. Baseball caps are not recommended as they only protect the scalp and forehead.


Many people like to travel on holidays, no matter it is a business trip or holiday, we need a hat to protect our skin from the ultraviolet radiation, because you are sure to have a period of time outside, the summer sun is very strong, so our skin is easy to get sunburnt. Our luggage or travel bag will be stuffed a lot of things, so a foldable hat is definitely the best choice, it will save you a lot of space and reduce the heavy burdens.

Chin Strap

In windy conditions, the chin strap keeps your hat steady on your head. A sun hat with detachable chin strap can solve many of your problems, and you can remove it when it is unnecessary.

Adjustable Size

If you’re wearing your hat on a windy day, or want your friends to wear different sizes, it helps you to resize your hat accordingly.


A lightweight hat is much more comfortable to wear. Also, if you like to travel, having a lightweight hat will help a lot. A lightweight hat is easy to carry and won’t take up too much space of your luggage.

1910s Men’s Business Suits

In the 1910s, men’s dress was not much different from men’s wear today. Edwardian men usually wore suits by day and formal tailcoats by night, while they would like to wear more casual clothing for sporting events. Compared with the oversized and bland fashion of the past decade, the suits showed youth and brighter colors in Edwardian era. Men usually wore sack suits. These were long, plain, loose fitting suit jackets with a wide lapel and one to three buttons. Modern suits are similar to those of in this period, but often shorter and more form-fitting. Sack suits down to mid-thigh in length, having single or double breasted with 3 buttons. The colors of suits were dark navy, blue, gray, green and brown.

During this period, suits were made of wool. Some were cheaper fabrics, such as blended wool and cotton together. They were very thick compared with modern suits fabrics. The new style was only suitable for young men, while the double-breasted style fitted for slim men.

After World War I, men abandoned the drab military colors and their father’s old clothes. They wanted more casual and natural style without shoulder pads, and brighter colors and tailored fit. In fact, they wanted the suits to be made with a softer cut and shorter coat and lighter materials. A natural design suit was Jazz suit. Jazz suit was designed with tight shoulders. The waist was close to the ribs, with 3 closely spaced buttons. The trousers were short above the ankle and looked like a stovepipe.

Edwardian men wore light-colored suits, such as light grey, tan and white. After the war, suits began to shift to bright and cheerful color tones, as well as to bolder patterns, like large plaids, contrasting chalk stripes, windowpanes and tweed. The trend was popular throughout the year, but it was more common in the summer and on the coast. The new white Palm Beach fabric quickly became popular in the tropics and can be worn in every style of suit from business to casual.

Men always wore a vest underneath the suit. Most vests didn’t have lapels or collars. They had 2-4 pockets for holding a pocket watch. Underneath the vest was a shirt. These shirts were the same as modern dress shirts, which were in light colors, such as white, gray and stripes. At the beginning of the 20th century, men’s high collars were stiff. After the war, the stiff collars turned to soft collars. These collars could be detached, and they were made of linen or rubber.   

A hat was an accessory that men usually wore in Edwardian era. Felt or bowler hats were the norm for everyday wear, while silk hats were worn by men on formal occasions. As another formal hat, the Homburg was worn by well-dressed businessmen on evening affairs. Both hats went out of fashion after the war, when men preferred soft felt hats in more color choices. Fedora hats, straw hats, sailors and skimmers all could be worn in the summer. Another casual hat was the bucket hat. It was worn by fishermen and farmers that used to protect them from the sun and the rain.

Travel Clothing for Women

Have you made plans for your summer vacations, such as going to the seaside to feel sea breeze and the waves, or going to the countryside to enjoy the beauty of nature, or hanging out at the busy night market? These things sound great, but there is still one thing that you should consider: what clothing are you going to bring to your destination? Everyone loves beauty, especially for women, dressing well gives them confidence and attracts the attention of the opposite sex. In addition to the daily makeup, what to wear everyday is becoming a problem for most women. Since you are going to travel, it is definitely to bring some good-looking clothes.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the must-have items for women.

No. 1 Travel Pajamas

Pajamas are always forgotten by us when we are packing travel items. You may think it is a trivial item because you are used to sleeping nude. But remember you will sleep in a hotel room, the sheets and pillows would be dirty sometimes if you live at a shoddy hotel. There are bed bugs or mosquitos which will get you worried about some skin disease. Therefore, it is better to wear a pajama to protect you from dirtiness. A long-sleeved pajama outfit is the great option when you are sleeping in a hotel bed. It can cover you whole body and to protect your body from being exposed to the dirtiness.

No. 2 Summer Maxi Dresses for Vacations

Summertime is the best season for women to wear beautiful maxi dresses. It’s time for easy breezy vacation style. You can wear the breezy maxi dress to hiking on the beaches, or the street or just hanging outdoor. This breezy maxi dress is made of rayon which is one of the best fabrics for hot summer. It is lightweight and breathable, which will make you comfortable to wear. This beautiful dress is very suitable for beach.

No. 3 Swimwear

For summer vacations, most people will choose to go for a beach time and to enjoy cool travel. It is the season for wearing bikinis on the seaside. Most swimsuits tend to expose your skin and you will get sunburned. Thus, you need to apply sunscreen before going to the beach. It must be water-repellent that to ensure your body is applied with even sunscreen. A one-piece swimsuit is the best choice for women who like to go to the beach. This blue swimsuit is lightweight and comfortable for women to wear.

No. 4 Sun Hats

A sun hat is a must-have accessory for women when they are playing on the beach. There is no natural shade on the seaside. Thus, women need to do sun protection for them by wearing a hat. Sun hats vary in styles and the degree of sun protection. Some hats with small brim only can shade your face while some with wide brim can shade your face, ears and neck. Here I would like to recommend you bucket hat womens that is very suitable for you to wear in summer. Usually, bucket hats have not too wide brim that can offer you the better protection than baseball style hats. It comes with many colors and designs that are available for you to choose.

Best Travel Hats for Children

Hats are generally used for sun protection, but there are a few that are really designed for travel. For children’s travel hats, it needs to be noted the difference between the two.

Here are some factors that you need to consider when purchasing a great travel hat for your child that will determine whether or not a hat will be suitable for all kinds of adventures, and if you choose it well, it will most likely accompany with your child throughout his or her growth.

Adjustable Chin Rope

It is never good news when a hat falls into the water. However, the adjustable chin string can do more than just help keep the hat on your kids’ head. It also helps the hat stay with your kid, even if he/she decides to remove it mid-activity. The bucket hat comes with a string or strap that helps the hat stay secured on your kids’ head.

Wide Brim

Creative children like running around on the beaches. So don’t choose a baseball cap with long brim that only covers their head and part of their face. Here I would like to recommend a bucket hat uk. It is divided into wide brims and narrow brims. Wide-brimmed hat is very suitable for kids playing on the beach, while narrow-brimmed bucket hats suit for shopping or traveling. It can protect their face, ears and even the neck from the sun.

Moisture-wicking Headband

You’ll notice that unlike your own travel hat, your child’s hat comes with a sweat-absorbing headband, so don’t overlook this important feature when choosing a hat for your child. Hats with this sweatband can keep your child comfortable in hot climates or on hikes.

UV Protection

A good hat also helps protect your child’s eyes from cataracts and their skin against melanoma (the most common cancer in the world), aging and damage, so be sure to look for a good UPF and SPF rating. UPF is determined by the fabric of the hat, which measures the amount of UV radiation that can reach the skin.


Materials which have good breathability can keep kids’ head cool and make them comfortable to wear it. Breathable materials like cotton or cotton blends are good, as well as polyester. They are comfortable enough to be worn all day long, and you can usually find them in many kinds of hats. They are lightweight, foldable or crushable that making them easy to be packed.


Light colors reflect ultraviolet rays. Therefore, a nice white, cream or beige and other light natural colors, such as a light olive, grey or tan is a good choice. Light colors provide the best protection. Of course, there’s always room to add some other colors for the style but the main color should be light. Dark colors heat faster, absorb more UV rays and also make their head very hot, which can give them headaches.

Therefore, investing in your child’s travel hat will get the best value. Since kids’ skin is so delicate that are easy to get sunburned even if they stay for a while in the sun.

Cotton Bucket Hats for Babies

The skin of the babies’ head is delicate. They have poor adaptability to climate change. It is necessary to wear a hat that is light in texture which makes the baby feel comfortable, warm and breathable.

Nowadays, there are many varieties of baby hats, most of which are classified according to different functions. Mothers can choose according to their own needs. For example, a sun hat should be wide-brimmed to protect your babies from the hot sun and its harmful UV rays, and the brim should be wide enough. Among these hats, a baby bucket hat is more appropriate.

If the hat is too heavy and too hard, the baby will feel uncomfortable, and it will affect babies’ brain development. Babies’ hats should be chosen the material of cotton as much as possible. The material of cute kids bucket hat is soft, safe, non-toxic, sweat-absorbent and breathable, which can protect your baby from sultry heat. The selection of high-quality cotton fabric is soft in delicate sense of touch, which is more suitable for baby’s delicate skin of head; they won’t feel any uncomfortable when they are wearing the hat. In addition, the baby bucket hat made of cotton absorbs sweat and it is ventilated, especially suitable for wearing in the summer.

  • Comfy pink bucket hat

The girly pink bucket hat gives a comfortable and refreshing experience. The distinctive embroidered prints bring a fresh and stylish feeling to people. This bucket hat is perfect for baby girls. The chin strap and drawstring make the hat won’t be blown away by the strong wind.

  • Bowknot flower print bucket hat

The pattern of small broken flower looks pure and fresh, which is very suitable for baby girls. There is the adornment of a bowknot on the crown of the hat, adding a sense of cuteness.

The solid construction of the bucket hat makes it packable and uneasy to be deformed, even if you fold the hat and place in your pocket. The cotton bucket hat is easy to dry if it gets wet. It also has good ability to absorb moisture and makes your babies’head keep cool and dry in the hot summer.

  • Crown pattern bucket hat

This blue bucket hat is made of the soft material of cotton, which is comfortable for your babies to wear.

The print white-colored crown is very beautiful. This unisex bucket hat can be worn by both baby boys and baby girls.

This baby bucket hat is made of high quality materials. Therefore, the hat is breathable and comfortable. It provides the best protection for your baby’s sensitive skin.

  • Soft cotton bucket hat

This white bucket hat provides a good protection for your babies. The brim of the hat is wide enough to protect your babies’face, ears and neck. The chin strap makes sure the hat stay secured on the head. And it can be adjusted according to your babies’head size. The irregular brim makes the hat will not flap down, in order to offer the best sun protection to your babies.

Bucket Hats Keep Your Kids Cool This Summer

Hats protect kids from the harmful sun rays especially bucket hats because they have wide enough brims that can cover the baby’s face, neck and hair. Bucket hats are best for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and more. In addition to the UV protection they provide in the summer, they also protect babies from the cold in the winter.

Wearing a bucket hat is a cheaper way to avoid skin problems due to the heat of the sun, such as sunburn, moles, hyperpigmentation and so on. In addition to sun protection, bucket hats can also add style to your baby’s outfit. Most of them are fashionable, making babies look cuter. There are many styles and designs of kids bucket hats that make them become the best friend for your baby’s outdoor adventures.

If you’re looking for a bucket hat that will give plenty of protection to your kids, and help them stay cool outdoors, here are some of the best bucket hats we found that you may like.

This bucket hat has a wonderful large brim that will protect your baby’s face and neck, and allows you to tie the chin strap to fend off those tiny grabbing hands. It comes in adorable patterns and materials which is comfortable for your babies to wear. And its chin strap makes the hat stay secured on your baby’s head even in the windy weather. It’s just too darn cute!

The baby bucket hat which is a fabulous baby sun hat rated UPF50+ providing excellent sun protection for baby girls and baby boys. The baby bucket hats come with a strap and are made from stretchy and lightweight fabric will be perfect for your babies when they are playing on the beach or in the playground, to keep their head cool in the hot weather.

The baby bucket hat has a soft flexible brim that introduces babies and toddlers to an angled brim that frames their line of sight. It is lightweight and easy to dry if it gets wet. The print dogs and bones are so vivid that make the hat look cuter. The large and wide brim of the hat offers good sun protection to your kid’s face, neck and ears and it will not block their vision.

The best baby sun hats for girls are made for safety in the sun. And the design is so excellent. A baby girl bucket hat could be embellished with white dots embroidery. No matter how a baby girl sun hat is designed, it’s sure to be a sweet treat on your little girl’s head.

Sometimes your baby girls will request a bucket hat that offers a bit more in the style than the average hats. The ribbon bucket hat provides maximum style with maximum UPF 50+ sun protection. It features an internal sweat band to keep your kids cool, and an elastic string that adjusts for the perfect fit. Your princess can look fashionable and pretty on this hat.

Based on the above presentation, I think you may know what sun hats you can choose to protect your kids this summer.

What Bucket Hats Should You Choose for Your Kids?

It’s never a bad idea to put a hat on your kids for extra protection layer of sun protection, especially if they spend for a long time in playing outdoors activities in the summer, or to apply good sunscreen on their skin. Besides, you want to protect your baby’s chubby cheeks and often-hairless scalp. With sunny outdoors adventures just around the corner, your child will need a good sun hat. The style of bucket hats gives your kids an excellent protection from the sun and the rain.

Baby sun hats have a lot in common with toddler sun hats, which means that they are designed to protect children from the sun while also looking cute. Sun protection is still a priority for kids, but you should also consider the look of the hat, figure out the styles and materials of the hat so that you can choose the best and most suitable bucket hat for your kids. The key to finding the perfect bucket hat is to pay attention to a few specific features. You can judge which the best bucket hat is for your kids by paying attention to all they have to offer.

Adjustment drawstring:

Some bucket hats have a drawstring that may be tied under your babies’ chin or behind their head. This adjustment string will keep the hat from blowing away in strong winds. This feature is especially useful for people who wear hats in particularly windy or rainy conditions.

Added protection:

Sometimes you want the bucket hat not just to do shade your kids’face, but to be a fashion accessory for your kids’outfit. So you need to consider how to match it with their clothes which will make them look cute and pretty.

Choosing a ventilated bucket hat that provides your kids with a way to cool down their head and dry any sweat without having to remove their hat. The bucket hat with mesh holes not only helps your kids stay comfortable, but it also protects the kids from overheating.

Washable &Packable

Bucket hats for babies and kids are easier getting dirty because they tend to sweat a lot if they spend too much time outdoors, so mothers need to wash the hat in time. The bucket hat can be hand-washed or machine-washed, and if they’re machine-washable, that’s an extra bonus points for saving you time and energy. When your kids do not want to wear the hat or they are in the room, a packable bucket hat is easily to be folded and placed in your bag.

UPF sun protection:

Not all types of hats will protect your baby from all sunburns. Hats do offer a barrier from the sun, but normal materials don’t block all the sun’s rays. Children may be exposed to the hot sun for a long time and their skin is delicate to get sunburned. They had better wear a hat with a high UPF for they spend too much time outdoors.

Wide brim:

The wider the better! Choosing a bucket hat with wide, long and large brim can protect your kids’sensitive face, ears and neck for all-around protection while without blocking your kids’vision.